At GardaPac, we believe...


...in doing what is right

For you; for our business; for our community; and our environment.  

We partner with makers and vendors who care about these things as well, and present sustainable, ethically sourced options whenever possible. We are here to help support your CSR initiatives and even if you don't have one, to help you make choices to treat the earth just a little more gently.

... in the magic of branding

We have seen first hand the power of a great brand, an inspired campaign, an integrated marketing program. And we have experienced the magic that happens when those all come together accompanied by thoughtful, quality gifts that will keep the magic alive long after the brand launch is complete, the campaign is over, or the event has concluded.

...in making the impossible possible

We welcome new ideas, nourish creativity, and believe nothing is impossible.  

At GardaPac, we are...

...woman owned, family operated

...committed to our clients' success

...experienced marketeers and packaging designers

...passionate about great SWAG 

...eager to please

...ready to partner with you for all your promotional product needs


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